PANEL DISCUSSION: Assessing the Evolving Global Regulatory Landscape for Genome Editing in Agriculture: Is a “Science based & Product Focused” approach possible?

Time: 1:00 pm
day: Day One


Guidelines for the implementation of genome edited crops are evolving rapidly at a global scale. As both national and international guidelines threaten to impact trading opportunities and thus commercial potential, it is vital for stakeholders in the space to stay updated and understand where guidelines are likely to move in the near future.

As such this panel will set out to cover topics including:

  • What does a product focused approach to regulatory guideline development look like
  • Why should guidelines regulate the product not the process
  • Current USDA guidelines concerning ‘non-GMO’ status and how this is expected to evolve
  • Standpoints across the international landscape, including Europe, Asia & South America
  • Understanding the regulatory framework for gene edited microbes and microbiome products
  • How does the evolving regulatory landscape at a global scale influence the ability to trade commodity crops across borders?