Apply Novel CRISPR Tools to Target Key Plant Traits & Navigate the Evolving Regulatory Landscape for GMO Exemptions to Successfully Develop Gene Edited Products

February 14-16, 2023 | San Diego, CA

Welcome to the 5th CRISPR AgBio Congress

Harness CRISPR Technology to Revolutionize Agriculture

The 5th Annual CRISPR AgBio Congress will unite research heads, molecular biologists, regulatory experts, and product developers who are involved in the journey from early R&D through to creating a marketable product. Perspectives will be shared from large Ag companies, innovative AgBiotechs, key academic groups, regulatory bodies, and independent institutions working to translate cutting-edge CRISPR technology into a tangible product.

World-Class Speaker Faculty

CRISPR AgBio Congress Previous Attendee Reviews:

"It was the best annual meeting to get a holistic view of what’s being done in the ag business with regard to CRISPR based “non-GMO” products. Very informative and precious!"
CEO, Napigen

"This congress provides connections to the leaders of agricultural gene editing"
Agricultural Specialist, USDA

"Great speakers, covering a range of topics important to ag genome editing beyond the purely technical aspects"
Director, Smith Bucklin